Ferrari 812 Superfast VS Lamborghini Aventador S! (Video)


Published on Sep 29, 2017 by TheTFJJ
A few races between the Ferrari 812SF (Superfast) and the Lamborghini Aventador S in Switzerland. Despite its slower start, the 812 overtook the Aventador in almost every race. Which would you choose?


Ferrari F12 TRS – SOUND – Start up & Acceleration! (Video)


Published on Sep 27, 2017 by Supercars of Austria
The Ferrari F12 TRS is a “one of two” Ferrari limited edition model based on the F12. The F12 TRS got a targa-style roof, so it´s basically a topless F12 Berlinetta. It costs $4.2 million and both exemplars are owned by the same owner (@mwvmnw) While the first built TRS is finished in classic Ferrari red, this one is finished in liquid silver.

World’s Greatest Drag Race 7! (Video)


Published on Sep 21, 2017 by Motor Trend Channel
It’s back! The World’s Greatest Drag Race returns with 12 of the world’s best supercars and sports cars facing off in an epic quarter-mile sprint for glory… and ultimate bragging rights! This year’s field includes all 12 contenders (sorta) from Motor Trend’s 2017 Best Driver’s Car competition.

Is This the Craziest Hypercar Madness Ever? (Video)


Published on Sep 17, 2017 by Shmee150
You can’t really get a better hypercar line-up than Cars and Coffee London at Topaz; but can you choose a favourite? With the Bugatti Chiron and McLaren F1 GTR leading the show at an event with 3 Ferrari LaFerraris, a McLaren P1 LM, Porsche 918 Spyder, MSO HS, 720S, Ferrari FXX, Ferrari F40, 2 Pagani Zondas and a Koenigsegg Agera R. And then we take a look outside too…