2019 Ferrari 488 Pista | Quick Review!

2019 Ferrari 488 Pista


“Takes the 488 to the next level of performance, still delightful on the street, so pretty.” – Car and Driver

“Light steering and that characteristic 488 driving position that puts you right up against the front-axle line fosters the confidence to push harder and harder. There’s nothing a mountain road can throw at the Pista that unsettles it. Tight stuff, high-speed stuff, midcorner bumps, quick back-and-forth transitions, and spandex-wearing cyclists all are taken in stride. But, even though its limits are high, the car never acts bored on the street. Driving it below its potential on the street is still a thrill because the steering, brakes, and powertrain all sing the same tune and you’re there whistling along. One more advantage of driving alone: No one has to hear you whistle.” – Car and Driver

“Ferrari says the Pista’s engine has more in common with the 488 Challenge race car’s than it does with the GTB’s. The powerplant allegedly features more than 50-percent new parts, including reshaped, stronger connecting rods now made of titanium rather than steel, stronger cylinder heads, carbon-fiber rather than aluminum intake plenums, shorter intake runners, friction-reducing DLC-coated piston pins, new valves (now hollow on the intake as well as the exhaust side) and springs, and wider, longer, backpressure-reducing exhaust manifolds made from Inconel, with 1-millimeter-thick walls versus 3 or 4 mm in the GTB. The crankshaft and flywheel are lighter as well, and Ferrari says the entire engine weighs 287 pounds, about 40 pounds lighter than the GTB’s unit. Impressive stuff.” – Automobilemag

Photos and Specifications from Car and Driver