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2018 BMW M3 CS | Quick Review!

2018 BMW M3 CS


“The ease with which the M3 CS attains triple-digit speeds is incredible. There is an excess of power on tap at all times, delivered with a mischievous eagerness. We didn’t detect the slightest turbo lag, and this straight-six relentlessly revs up to 7600 rpm. The exhaust is louder than on the regular M3 (it varies with the selected driving mode via electrically operated flaps in the exhaust system), and when you take your foot off the gas, there is a perfectly engineered crackle. Sport Plus is our favorite setting for the powertrain, and we prefer the fastest setting for the gearshifts of the seven-speed dual-clutch automatic.” – Car and Driver

“The engineering is formidable, with features such as a magnesium sump, a forged crankshaft, two variable-geometry turbochargers, and a closed-deck crankcase, but it carries it all lightly. All you need to know is that it’s high tech and it works enthusiastically, but it’s not the CS’s highlight. It’s the chassis. One of the M3’s biggest shortcomings was the lofty feeling of its rear roll center. That’s gone.” – AutoBlog

“But that’s just half the story with the new M3 CS. Where the car really shines is in its handling, and most of that comes from a revised software for the DSC and limited slip differential. According to the M engineer in charge of driving dynamics, the geometry and hardware of the suspension remain unchanged, but while the DSC in the base F80 M3 has been more restrictive, the combination of the revised DSC and LSD are helping you become an even better and faster driver.” – BMWblog

“Next, the balance of the car and downforce was high on the priority list. At 200 km/h, the downforce is now 200 Newton versus 160 Newton in the M3 Competition Package. Therefore, the M3 CS benefits from improved cornering, braking and stability, and not so much tail happiness in the back.” – BMWblog

“Unfortunately, there is no manual transmission in this super sporty M3, but the seven-speed box DCT is just as wonderful as we’ve come to know it. Shifting is quick and effortless, and as always, it can be configured to your taste.” – BMWblog



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