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New McLaren MSO R! (Video)


Published on Dec 9, 2017 by Shmee150
Let’s take a first ever look at my friend’s bespoke McLaren MSO R Spider, an exclusive commission alongside his incoming MSO R Coupe too! As the very final hurrah to McLaren’s first model in the Super Series, the R sits at the very top with the 688PS 3.8l twin-turbocharged V8 and to be honest, it is quite frankly my dream supercar!

Launching in 2010 with the MP4-12C, the McLaren P11 (codename) series developed through 650S, 675LT and finally from MSO we saw 25 of the MSO HS and 25 of the 675LT Spider Carbon Series. At the time the HS instantly fired to the top of my wish list, however with such a limited model run it was only available to the most VIP of customers. The R takes that even further as a special bespoke commission to create the two vehicles, one Coupe with a fixed roof with scoop, and the other the Spider we see here. Bespoke for this car is a multi-layered, active rear wing, along with numerous design and styling touches throughout the interior and exterior of the car.



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