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2018 BMW M5 | Quick Review!

2018 BMW M5


Key Features

– M5 has gone four-wheel drive or it can be deactivate to rear wheel drive.

– A dual-clutch automatic transmission is no longer offered for the M5. Its transition to a more conventional torque converter also includes a transmission fluid cooler to ensure consistent performance even when being punished on the track.

– A new exhaust system addresses some criticisms that the previous M5 wasn’t loud enough. It is now also lighter than the outgoing system.

– Maximum speed is limited to 155 mph, but customers who want the ultimate M5 V-max thrill can opt for the M Driver’s Package, which lets the super sedan stretch its legs all the way to 189 mph.

– With a little more cash, the iron-rotor brake discs can be upgraded to M carbon-ceramic discs which save 50 pounds of weight for improved handling, and delivers race car stopping power along with adding a gold-colored set of calipers.

Photos: Car and Driver



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